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Tuixén BenetChoreographer

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Medium length narrative choreographic film.


Aloma and Mila are two women who meet under the fantastic lights of fake summer cities on the coast of Valencia, Spain. Mila is in search of a place to belong and finds Aloma instead. Instantly feeling drawn to each other, they will use this new friendship that builds on laughter and complicity, to cope with the loneliness and strangeness of the full-time void entertainment environment they’re located in.

Aloma i Mila is a choreographic/narrative film that explores the emotion and touch of the new friendship of two female young adults through their bodies in space by creating a delicate and playful small story about intimacy and doubt.

The two main characters are based after the protagonists of two Catalan novels: ‘Solitud’ written by Víctor Català (Caterina Albert) on 1905 and ‘Aloma’ written by Mercè Rodoreda on1969.




Aloma _ Àngela Boix
Mila _ Andrea Just


Director _ Tuixén Benet
DP _ Àlex Sardà
Producer _ Isis Velasco
Editor _ Raúl Egüés, Ariadna Ribas i Tuixén Benet
Sound Designer _ Judy Kim
Sound Mixer _ Christina Nguyen
ADR _ Cristian Pallejà @ Caballo Grande
Original Scores _ Odil Bright i Hans Laguna
Color Corrector _ Marc Morató @ Metropolitana
Credits Design _ Raquel Tomàs
Tràiler _ Adam Wand